When is it Time to Contact a Renovation Expert?

You may have brought an older model home that needs repairs or perhaps your current home needs some modernising? No matter the reason it means it is renovation time.

There are so many ways to renovate. There are small renovations you can do on your own that are
safe. Things like painting feature walls or painting the whole house the same colour to match.
Putting new garden beds in and new tiling and carpet are pretty safe to attempt on your own.
You do need to keep in mind there are however projects around the home that are not safe for just
anyone to undertake. Some jobs require specialised equipment that can be dangerous if you don’t
know how to use the machinery properly. There can be times when you have to call in an expert for
some professional advice or to undertake some jobs that you are not qualified for or maybe a little
confused about where to start.

If you want anything to do with plumbing such as sewer blocking, gas work or structural work done it is best to hire a professional within the renovating sector to do the jobs for you. In most places it is a legal requirement to have a professional undertake these jobs. If you have home insurance and you do electrical work yourself, and the house burns down you won’t be covered for insurance as you did not get a specialised worker with the proper qualifications to undertake the job, it really isn’t worth trying to do these types of jobs yourself.

Call in a renovation expert for the following:


Drainage plumbing, roof plumbing and your home plumbing needs to have a professional do it for
you. If you crack any pipes or cause damage, it could mean digging up the whole backyard to fix it
which can cost, you thousands. If you notice any alarming differences within your plumbing system, you may need to contact a blocked drain plumber for assistance.

Electrical work:

You can risk burning your home down and worse your life by conducting electrical work yourself.
Your life and that of your family is not worth the risk of saving some money on doing a DIY job. In
your home, the only type of electrical work you should be doing is changing a light bulb, and that can be dangerous if you don’t turn the switch off before removing the bulb. Replacing light switches, replacing plugs or even fiddling with the electrical side of appliances can get you into trouble and not worth the risk.


If you are thinking about knocking any walls down, you need to contact a renovation expert. If the
wall is structural, then you risk the whole ceiling collapsing. You also need to check there is no live
wires in the wall behind as this can be fatal if you touch a live wire and only electricians and
renovating specialists should deal with this side of things.

Renovating can be fun and an enjoyable challenge that people can sit back, relax and admire all their hard work. At the end of the day, it is not worth it if you cause injuries to yourself or others because you failed to seek the advice of a professional. If you want electrical work done or plumbing work done wait if you can until you have a few jobs to complete so it can all be done in the one time this will save call out fees each time they come to your home. Enjoy renovating but ensure you do it sensibly and get the advice from a renovation expert before undertaking work.