Solar Power

Solar energy generation

We are now using solar energy in so many ways. Solar energy is clean and free and is a non-conventional source of energy. The hardest part is the fact you need to be capturing sunlight. While it shines everywhere, there are only little bits that reach any one place.

In rural areas, we often deal with electrical power being unavailable. Due to the technologies, we now have the development of solar-powered air compressors which is based on solar-power and very portable. It can prove to be very helpful for those in remote and rural area applications.

Air compressors are tools or devices that can reduce the volume of the air, which creates heat and pressure in the air that is being compressed. One of the most standard applications of air compressors is inflating balloons and tires or spray painting. The set-up of the solar-powered air compressor is by using several solar panels that are made of photovoltaic cells. The cells create the direct current of electricity via the reaction of the photons and silicon dioxide. The direct current is then used to power the motor of the air compressor unit. Something else people might not know is that you can charge a battery bank that way to so you can use it as a backup when there is no sun shining.

These industrial air compressors can also provide opportunities for employment for the people that are in a rural area. It can help them to set up businesses like tire inflating, puncher repair shops and paint shops etc.
If you are going off the grid, then you should think about a battery system. Compressed air energy that is stored in the sustainable alternative to batteries that have a much longer life expectancy. With low maintenance, lower life cycle costs and technical simplicity.
You can even design your solar-powered air compressor that stores air and can combine things like high efficiency and small portage sizing. It may take some time, but it has been done.

Solar powered generators

More benefits

Among all the advantages that come with solar panels, the best one is that solar energy is a renewable energy source. It can be gained in all areas and is available to anyone, every day. The good thing is we cannot run out of solar energy, unlike the other ways we get energy. Solar-powered energy is accessible as long as we have sunlight.

Reducing your energy bills

Running powered air compressors can be quite expensive once that bill comes in. From when you start using your solar powered air compressor, you will see a drop in the price of your electricity bill. The amount that you can save on your bill will get determined on the heat usage or the size of your overall solar system. You are saving on your electricity bills what better reason could there be to own a solar-powered air compressor.

Developments in technology

Technology that is in the industry of solar power is advancing rapidly, and more improvements are intensifying as the years go on. We are going to see a better increase in the effectiveness of solar-powered energy and be able to double or even triple our electrical input of the solar-powered structures.

There are too many benefits to own a solar-powered air compressor maybe it is time you invested in one.