Billboards, are they still relevant? And measuring the effectiveness

Anyone in the marketing business will agree that billboard media is a kind of advertising that’s hugely effective. Even though a normal consumer may not understand it, professionals within the advertising industry consider billboard marketing among the very best and valuable marketing mediums at their disposal. Most customers tend to respect other static advertising methods like newspaper advertisements and direct mailers as more successful, their reach and effectiveness easier to quantify and measure. A frequent misconception is that the messages on outdoor billboards are too short and easy to be persuasive. Marketing industry professionals will tell you that people who think like this are probably missing the point.

Billboards are not usually designed to convince consumers to do anything, at least not overtly. Research indicates that the average person views an advertisement for around 4 seconds, rarely more. The goal of outdoor billboards would be to develop or reinforce brand awareness and bolster the advertiser’s image, not to overly inform.  It can assist with improving local advertising methods, reinforcing credibility of the business.

Consider the well-known success stories of individuals who attained that goal; Coca-Cola became so popular that people started talking to all soda soft drinks as”Coke.” We grab a Coke out of”the refrigerator,” which is short for Frigidaire instead of the refrigerator. Any tissue manufacturer used in an American home is known as a Kleenex, which we occasionally reach for after having a”Kodak Moment.”

These brands attained their status as familiar household names worked into the everyday vocabulary of customers by promoting brand familiarity and image strengthening as opposed to through more persuasive ways. Their powerful corporate images and remarkable product revenues were achieved primarily through easy brand recall. Even today, no advertising medium can equal billboard advertisements concerning strengthening and developing product familiarity using brand recall.

The daily commute represents the best amount of idle time; a normal business professional will have on many days, with public transit passengers being a captive audience. Businesses with large brands and the advertising companies understand this and take good advantage of the chance to bombard commuters with strong messages on strategically located billboards and signs.

A professional outdoor advertising business can readily supply you with the amounts that will need to be quantified, taking under account the vehicular or pedestrian traffic that will pass with a clear vantage point of any specific billboard at any particular time. They can also provide you with demographic information about people who are most likely to observe the billboard. By their very nature, outdoor billboards are supposed to be looked at by people on the move and generally during that time they are not too focused on anything else. That makes them more impressionable to smooth, yet robust and persuasive images. Even though they might look at billboards for a couple of seconds, they do look.

This number represents the number of vehicles that pass from the billboard in addition to the number of pedestrians.