Air compressors used in the cleaning industry

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An air compressor is a gadget that transforms power stored in compressed air into potential energy. This is done by using an electric motor, diesel engine or a gasoline engine. An air compressor drives much air into the storage tank, which helps increase the pressure. The air compressor shuts off when the pressure in the tank reaches its higher limit. Next, the compressed air is stored in the tank until taken out to be used. The energy stored in an air compressor can be used for different types of purposes, taking advantage of the kinetic energy of the air, which is pumped into the tank depressurises. The air compressor turns on once more and re-pressurises the tank when the pressure in the tank reaches its bottommost limit. Air compressors can also be classified into a low-pressure air compressor, medium-pressure air compressors and high-pressure air compressors.

The predominant use of air compressors in the cleaning industry is the process of dry cleaning. Clean air is essentially needed to maintain a hygienic environment. Having good dry cleaning systems is essential to maintain good quality air. It is the future of the dry cleaning unit. The range of air pressure required for dry cleaning is 70 to 90 with average free air consumption of 3. There are some typical requirements for a dry cleaner. Every dry cleaner functions uniquely with numerous chemical processes running at any given time. Hence each dry cleaner will need a definite air compressor designed and positioned accordingly. Utility bills can be up to 0ne-fourth of the dry cleaner’s operating costs. Hence energy used for dry cleaning should be wisely utilised.

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There are two kinds of air compressors that are used for dry cleaning, the rotary screw compressor and reciprocating. Using two meshing helical screws, the rotary screws are reliable and efficient. They are easy to sustain and function, although they move into larger outputs. The QGS series is good to go for the installation process of the dry cleaners. They function quietly still managing to provide a power output of 5 to 100 horsepower. On the other hand, the reciprocating air compressor is used for solvent recovery and plant maintenance as a high-pressure applicant. It can expand your operations with the help of single-stage and double stage models.

The air compressors face some challenges in the cleaning industry. As the purified air has to be dirt-free, the dirty air is flown through a minimum of two filters and a dryer. It gets confusing at times to complete this process depending on the size and location of the process. The hardest thing is to maintain pressure during the whole procedure. They are reducing expenditure by directing energy costs like regularly cleaning intake vents, examining and cleaning air filters and tracking heat exchangers.

The solution to these problems can be using a Quincy air compressor for dry cleaning. It is precise and trustworthy and in use for almost 100 years now. With some standard engineering, Quincy makes appliances which are used to provide compressed air for solvent processing, recovery and delivery. It also has accurate pressure control being able to operate large variations of pressures. This high-grade compressor can maintain pressures for longer periods. They offer the right combination of cost efficiency and stability. Focus can be given to customer satisfaction rather than worrying about the working of the equipment.